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Woodland Bath Soak - WS

Dive into our luxurious bath soaks, designed to soften your skin, soothe tension, and offer an escape from the everyday.

Size: PRE-ORDER - 16oz
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Calm + Restore
Immerse yourself in an exquisite fusion of rejuvenating mineral crystals, meticulously crafted to eliminate toxins, revitalize circulation, and provide soothing relief to tired muscles. Surrender to the captivating aromas of pure essential oils and let your skin absorb the antioxidant-rich minerals, replenishing its natural glow.

Scent Notes
Western Red Cedar, Wild Black Spruce, Canadian Balsam Fir

Infused with botanicals cultivated on our land and ethically wildharvested from nearby forests and meadows.

Sizes Available
Full Size: 454g / 16oz
Mini: 156g / 5.5oz

Packaged in a reusable glass bottle or recyclable plastic pouch.

The Ritual
Add a generous handful of salt to warm running water. This is a perfect wind-down ritual for tired bodies in need of a boost. Soak for at least 20 minutes to allow the nourishing soak blend to work its magic.

Product Care + Shelf Life
Using ¼ cup of soak per bath, our mini soak will provides 2-3 luxurious baths and our full size 8-10 baths. Use within 1 year. Store in a cool, dry place.

Vegan. Natural. Organic.

Botanical Ingredients

Canadian Glacial Salt
Unveil skin's natural radiance sourced from ancient Canadian glaciers. Packed with minerals, it gently exfoliates and hydrates, leaving your skin refreshed and glowing.

Epsom Salt
Rich in magnesium sulfate, offers a soothing remedy for muscle tension and fatigue while helping to eliminate toxins through the skin.

Cedar Essential Oil
Energizes and purifies, offering skin a revitalizing boost and a touch of nature’s woodsy essence, for a refreshed and naturally glowing appearance.

Paraben Free
Sulphate Free
No Synthetic Color
No Toxic Chemicals
Only Natural Fragrances

1% for the Planet
Handcrafted in Canada


maris sal (dead sea) salt, canadian glacial (sodium chloride) salt, magnesium sulfate (epsom) salt, thuja plicata (cedar) leaf oil, picea mariana (wild black spruce) leaf oil, abies balsamea (balsam) needle oil, vetiveria (vetiver) zizanoides root oil, salvia officinalis (sage) oil, rhododendron groenlandicum (labrador tea) leaf

*Organic **Natural, cold-pressed, unrefined and/or wildharvested +Compound of essential oil