Inspired by Nature

We’ve lived surrounded by mountains and oceans in the west and skyscrapers in the East. Traveled coast to coast exploring badlands, mountain tops, wild surf waves and city lights. We’ve explored during summer’s heat and through beautiful winter snowfalls. We believe in quality over quantity and that for profit companies can have a social conscience.

During our travels is where we discovered the earthy smells of coastal cedar forests, the sweet scents of spring meadows, intoxicating aromas of wild roses and the mist from salty ocean waves. Our love for wild spaces brought us to a little century farm in rural Nova Scotia nestled between the mountains of the Annapolis Valley and the ocean breeze of the world's highest tides.

Here is where Wildwood Creek was born.  Our farm offers a unique backdrop of mountains, forest and ocean, rows of lavender, botanicals and wildflowers all surrounding our large century barn, old milk house and outbuilding.  Our land, the ocean and surrounding forests provides the natural ingredients for our line of botanical infused home and body products.

Using organic and regenerative farming methods, we grow, hand harvest and distill our farm grown botanicals and combine them with ethically wildcrafted and sustainably sourced ingredients to create all-natural and sustainable products that help you connect with nature.  Our products are free of synthetics, artificial fragrances,  GMO’s, fillers, additives, artificial preservatives and are plant-based and cruelty-free.  

We welcome you to come discover the regenerative power of nature and products that are good for you and good for the environment.