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Discover our curated selection of home and bath products, meticulously crafted to bring the tranquility of nature into your daily routine. Experience the Wildwood Creek difference with products that connect you to the serenity and vitality of the natural world, crafted with sustainable practices that are good for you and the planet.


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Tidal CandleTidal Candle
Wildwood Creek
Tidal Candle Sale priceFrom $22.00
Woodland CandleWoodland Candle
Wildwood Creek
Woodland Candle Sale priceFrom $22.00
Wild Rose CandleWild Rose Candle
Wildwood Creek
Wild Rose Candle Sale priceFrom $22.00
Alpine Meadow CandleAlpine Meadow Candle Mini
Wild Rose Soap BarWild Rose Soap Bar
Wildwood Creek
Wild Rose Soap Bar Sale priceFrom $12.00
Tidal Soap BarTidal Soap Bar
Wildwood Creek
Tidal Soap Bar Sale priceFrom $12.00
Sacred Spaces CandleSacred Spaces Candles
Wildwood Creek
Sacred Spaces Candle Sale priceFrom $20.00
Boreal Soap BarBoreal Soap Bar
Wildwood Creek
Boreal Soap Bar Sale priceFrom $12.00
Alpine Meadow Soap BarAlpine Meadow Soap Bar
Highlands Soap BarHighlands Soap Bar
Wildwood Creek
Highlands Soap Bar Sale priceFrom $12.00
Driftwood CandleDriftwood Mini Candle
Wildwood Creek
Driftwood Candle Sale priceFrom $20.00
Wild Rose Body OilWild Rose Body Oil
Tidal CandleTidal Candle - WS
Wildwood Creek
Tidal Candle - WS Sale priceFrom $15.00
Tidal Body OilTidal Body Oil
Bloom CandleBloom Candle - WS
Wildwood Creek
Bloom Candle - WS Sale priceFrom $14.00
Bloom CandleBloom Candle
Wildwood Creek
Bloom Candle Sale priceFrom $20.00
Sacred Spaces Botanical MistSacred Spaces Botanical Mist
Sacred Spaces Botanical Mist - WSSacred Spaces Botanical Mist - WS
Woodland Soap BarWoodland Soap Bar
Wildwood Creek
Woodland Soap Bar Sale priceFrom $12.00
Nordic Cabin CandleNordic Cabin Candle - WS
Sacred Spaces CandleSacred Spaces Candle - WS
Wild Rose Botanical Mist - WSWild Rose Botanical Mist - WS
Salt Spring CandleSalt Spring Candle
Wildwood Creek
Salt Spring Candle Sale priceFrom $20.00
Tidal Mini Soap BarTidal Mini Soap
Nordic Cabin CandleNordic Cabin Candles
Wildwood Creek
Nordic Cabin Candle Sale priceFrom $20.00
Wild Rose Mini SoapWild Rose Mini Soap
Alpine Meadow Body OilAlpine Meadow Body Oil
Tidal Botanical Mist - WSTidal Botanical Mist - WS
Tidal Soap Bar - WSTidal Soap Bar - WS
Wildwood Creek
Tidal Soap Bar - WS Sale priceFrom $12.00
Coastal Woods Candle - WSCoastal Woods Candle - WS