At Wildwood Creek it is our belief that quality over quantity matters and that for-profit companies can have a social conscience. We step back and look deep into the ingredients and packaging that go into each and every product and are committed to always using ethical, natural, plant-based, sustainable, cruelty-free, GMO free, and as many organic raw materials as possible.  Our goal is to provide goods that are good for you and the planet.


To show our commitment to being good stewards of the planet, for every product purchased, we will donate 1% to environmental initiatives to help preserve and expand wild spaces.


  • We believe in soil diversity and look for ways to farm using no-till farming practices
  • Though Wildwood Creek is not a certified organic farm, we practice and employ organic farming methods and do not use chemicals on our growing fields or lawns to ensure a bee friendly environment.
  • Some products are created using botanicals wildharvested from our surrounding bioregions. We reasonably wildcraft and never over harvest. This ensures healthy plants that provide bounties year after year while providing food and nourishment for wild animals.


  • Raw materials are sourced from like minded companies that produce in a sustainable and ethical way and who share our values. Our first priority is to source as local as possible and always from sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free companies.
  • All our products are made by hand in small batches and therefore we produce very little waste.
  • Currently, 90% of our product use glass bottles or jars that can be recycled or repurposed. 
  • All our marketing material is printed on recycled paper and we use biodegradable tissue paper printed using vegetable dye.
  • Your order is shipped to you in post-recycled cardboard boxes and recyclable/biodegradable packing materials. Therefore on occasion we may reuse packaging received from our suppliers to reduce waste.  We ask that you reuse or recycle the packaging as well as product bottles and jars.
  • Ingredients that we do not farm-grow or wildharvest, we seek out fair trade, organic and direct-trade ingredients to maintain an ethical supply chain.