Stay With Us

Stay in the Aventyr Bus at Wildwood Creek

The Aventyr Bus

A little bus named Bob the Aventyr Bus was the catalyst that started us down the path to where we are now.  Building our little skoolie from the ground up and traveling coast to coast, seeing our beautiful country up close, hiking mountains and sleeping under the stars lead us to the realization that life could offer more - we could be more. 

So on returning from an epic adventure out east seeing Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland, we quit our jobs, sold almost everything we owned, said goodbye to friends and family, packed up Bob with the remainder of our belongings and headed east.  A few days later we arrived on our little 12 acre farm in rural Nova Scotia with a glimmer of an idea that would eventually transform into Wildwood Creek.

We still travel in our little skoolie when we can, but when we're not using it we offer up the Aventyr Bus to those wanting to get away from the city for a few days and experience the quiet beauty that is rural Nova Scotia.  

The bus is available from May to October and can be booked through Airbnb here.